Joanna Canara: Abstract Photography of Imperfect Memories

“beautiful moments I cannot afford to forget”

I never plan out my creative process. I just observe life around me and take pictures of things I find interesting. If I am unable to take a picture, I sketch it in a diary that I have named “beautiful moments I cannot afford to forget”.



In her photographs, you’ll find a world that seems both familiar and foreign. A little abstraction, a small imperfection, or a transparent veil transforms silhouettes and colours into something you can’t really explain, but you can’t forget either. Her photos are emotional and poetic, gritty and profound. Canara’s aesthetic embraces the beauty of imperfection and dresses it in soft and dreamy tones.



I would describe my photography as abstract and imperfect, like a distant memory. Like melancholia which makes you feel alive in a weird way. My work was always dark and gritty. That is how I see the world. My visual style has not quite changed over the years, although I have started incorporating colours in my work recently. 



Her biggest reward is seeing how her works touch the public and bring back memories and feelings. Her biggest challenge is revealing herself, embracing vulnerabilities, and exposing the freedom to be whoever she wants. And because the creative process is challenging, Canara’s favourite piece is a self-portrait.



I always hoped that when people look at my pictures, they feel something. It makes them feel content. Like a light breeze in the stillness of the night. Like gravity, but soft. 



The pandemic has made the artist more observant and peaceful than ever. It’s a continuous process of learning, metamorphosis, and self-love. Joanna Canara chooses to take the time to observe the world, accept imperfections, and appreciate life. After all, an artist never stops creating.


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Article written by Monica Radulescu

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