Your Ultimate Guide to Rental-Friendly Decor

It’s not easy to feel at home when you live in a rented house or apartment. Decorating possibilities are limited, the landlord is breathing down your neck, and your budget is tight. You’re also stuck with colors, textures, and installations. Sounds familiar? MINUS ART team comes to the rescue with genius tips and ideas for decorating your rental home on any budget. Let’s get creative!

Bring Your Own Light Sources

Light is very important for living spaces. In a rented home, you can’t change the position of fixed lights or add new ones. But you can change the light bulbs and use warm or cold lights to create the ambiance that elevates the space. You can also use lamps to brighten up dark corners and open up the room. The lighting you’re familiar with will make you feel at home right away!



Thrift Mismatching Furniture

Furniture sets aren’t for any space. Color and size don’t always match the general design of your home or simply ‘don’t spark joy’ Marie Kondo-style. While the appeal of furniture sets is understandable, more often than not they end up making the space formal and stiff. That’s where mismatched quirky pieces come in! Choose the ones that fit your personality and lifestyle, and get creative with colors and textures. Your space will liven up immediately!

Add Personality With Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints are a great way to decorate a rented home on any budget. The choices are endless – every style, size, and palette you could ever want. Prints are extremely easy to customize to fit your taste and the style of your home. Whether with minimalistic abstract prints from Dan Hobdaycolorful still life photographs from Joon Lee, or Haluk Baysal’s stylish black-and-white beach and ocean photographs, you can easily transform your home into a temporary art gallery!



Less Is More

If you find yourself on the move often, consider keeping only the necessary stuff. The minimalist style works very well for large and small spaces, apartments, and houses. It simply means owning fewer things, investing in high-quality products, and leaving more space around the house. It’s also much easier to move and adapt to a new place. Use a few familiar pieces to create a comfortable atmosphere anywhere you go.

Befriend Indoor Plants

Plants are an easy and fun way to decorate any space. One plant or a hundred, go as minimalistic or as crazy as you want. Either way, it’s a proven trick to liven up any space. Plus, they freshen up the air, help you sleep better, and improve the scent of the room. What’s not to love?



Decorating a rented home doesn’t have to be stressful. Bring your favorite things and artworks and create a familiar atmosphere with these simple tips and ideas for decorating your rental home on any budget. Remember that each new place is an opportunity to get creative and experiment with furniture and art. So when you eventually get a place of your own, you’ll know exactly what you want!

Article written by Monica Radulescu