Artist Roster

MINUS ART is carefully selecting some of world’s most talented emerging artists for the Artist Edition Range. Our aim is to create an online platform for discovering and purchasing the best contemporary art.

The Artist Edition prints are available in various sizes and are printed on 200 GSM matte fine art paper using latest technology printers and museum quality archival pigment inks. The Artist Edition prints come with standard framing options of black, white and natural.

Haluk Baysal

Born in a charming Mediterranean town, Haluk Baysal's love for the ocean and all things sea-related has greatly influenced his journey in the world of visual arts. With over a decade of experience as a photographer and filmmaker, Haluk has mastered the art of capturing moments that not only delight the senses but also narrate a story. His talent and dedication to his craft have earned him numerous accolades, including international recognition from prestigious institutions such as PX3 France, OneEyeLand, Australian Photography Awards, and SanDisk.

As the founder and director of Minus Art, Haluk has created a platform that enables fellow artists to showcase their work and connect with like-minded individuals who share his passion for aesthetics and storytelling through photography and film. His background in filmmaking has greatly influenced his photographic style, imbuing his images with a cinematic quality that engages viewers and invites them to explore the world through his lens.

Drawing inspiration from his coastal roots, Haluk's work often features the beauty and serenity of the sea, reflecting his lifelong connection to the ocean. Through his keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to quality, Haluk continues to push the boundaries of visual expression and inspire others to do the same.

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Joon Lee

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Joon moved to Vancouver in May 2000. His pursuit of experimenting in the arts grows as he explores various mediums from film photography to hand-cut collaging to large scale paintings, using acrylics and oils. 

Recently, Joon's work has shown throughout Canada, US, China, U.K., and Australia and has been featured in various publications, including Collage Expo, Juxtapoz, Onbooooooom, SAD, Thisaintartschool, Creative Boom, and more.
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Steve Munro

I paint because it slows me down.
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Julianne Wade

Whadjuk/Tainui Indigenous Artist   

The name of Whadjuk artist comes from when I first stepped out as an emerging artist, when I started out doing community collective canvas workshops, everyone who contacted me for a workshop would ask if I were the Whadjuk Artist and I would simply reply yes, the name Whadjuk means Perth in my home language of Nyungar. So Whadjuk artist is another name for Perth Artist.

Julianne is a Whadjuk Perth born artist on her Mother’s side, who grew up in New Zealand in Ngaruawahia Tainui with her Father’s side.  She is a visual artist and remains connected to her culture through painting and family and community connections through the West Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute, she has a passion for making a change through art for indigenous and non-indigenous people. Her purpose is to highlight that all land is traditional country which our ancestors have practiced culture on for thousands of years and share knowledge about the dreamtime stories of the land. In her collective canvas workshops and public art are a contemporary continuation of traditional culture and knowledge. 

Whadjuk artist was officially started when being accepted for the WA Revealed Emerging Artist exhibition in Fremantle 2020. 

Julianne has had and continues to have involvements with her community and with children and families in schools especially since coming from an Education background prior. 

Julianne is deeply passionate about her work with the community and feels privileged to be able share her knowledge and culture through art and encourage conversations around current issues Aboriginal people face as well as the next step forward.  

My inspiration is drawn from time spent on country (boodja) and the observation that enlighten my pathways. I mainly work with Acrylics on canvas and natural ochres. I like to continue to explore different mediums, so my work is ever evolving. 

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Sydney Claire

Sydney Claire is a Fashion and Editorial photographer based in NYC. Sydney graduated with a B.F.A. from Lesley College of Art and Design, where she learned to work with color, composition, and light. Since graduating, Sydney has become known as a connected artist-entrepreneur who is not afraid to creatively push the envelope. In her work, Sydney swiftly cuts through normative boundaries, tendencies, or assumptions to expose them for what they are.  Her true skill and passion lies in capturing the rich diversity of the human experience.  Sydney’s work can be found in Vogue Italia and online.
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Gabby Malpas

Gabby's watercolours are intricate portrayals of blended cultures and beautiful objects. Locally grown fruit and flowers picked and bought near-by are rendered with warmth and intimacy, forming a conversation between the rarefied, patterned flora that decorates the Chinese ceramics and batik fabrics within her images.

Gabby studied ceramics at Otago Polytechnic School of Fine Art from 1984-86, before travelling through South East Asia and then moving to London in the 1990s. Gabby's love of colour has endured, and her ceramicist background is evident in her use of pattern in her works. Gabby's negation of depth through the use of pattern means that it is often easy to imagine many of her works adorning a beautiful vase or bowl. Gabby has been working chiefly in watercolour and ink since 1988.

Gabby Malpas is a New Zealand/Australian/British citizen of Chinese descent, she was adopted and raised by a New Zealand family as a baby in Auckland and is now based in Sydney. Gabby began to recognise her Chinese heritage appearing in her art while at Otago, New Zealand. After meeting her birth-mother in 2004, her painting has evolved into a very recognisable Chinese style.

In this series of works, Gabby has melded Chinese representational traditions with batik patterns, and birds and fruit from her life in New Zealand, England and Australia.
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Studio Dalli

Studio Dalli is based in Valencia, Spain. Using improvised lines and deconstructed human figures, their artwork exhibits a primary interest in simplifying the complex and in finding the beauty and balance of asymmetrical shapes.

Their style has a focus on lines and on the balance of Mediterranean colours. It is linked with the philosophy of minimalism and simplification which are also one of the most demanded interior design trends.
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Taylor Simpson

Taylor Simpson is an American photographer based in sunny Palm Springs, California.

Specialising in the intersection of travel and design photography, she seeks to capture design-focused destinations that celebrate human ingenuity, harmony with nature, and above all, colour.

Having travelled for months at a time through the Balkans, Southeast Asia and the western United States, she believes in the life changing magic of slow and considered travel.
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Henry Rivers

Henry Rivers is a designer and illustrator from the UK. With an eye for playful details and striking minimalist compositions, Henry’s designs are a modern interpretation of the Art Deco travel advert. His distinctive style often involves a contrast of scales, featuring huge landmarks set against the intimate characters that bring his posters to life.

Whether in his studio or exploring a new city, he can be found engrossed in his sketchbook, working on new designs in his distinctive minimalist style. 

Henry is on a mission to capture the world's best-loved places with cool colors and playful details. 

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Scott Harrison

My name is Scott Harrison and I live in Merewether, NSW in Australia.

The genesis of daily salt was the 1st of April 2014. This was the first day I moved back to Newcastle for a number of years living in the middle of Sydney surrounded by concrete, working in an office, and breathing in everything but clean air. The moment I moved back to this great town where I grew up I was immediately inspired to reinvigorate the happiness I get from photography with my love of the ocean, the beach, and everything associated with the lifestyle surrounding it. Salt air and saltwater have countless benefits to the body and mind and whether you experience it through surfing, swimming, laying on the beach, walking along a coastal track, or any other way. I believe there are happiness, healthiness, and peacefulness directly related to the time spent near or in the ocean.

My daily salt starts at 5 am every day where I will be found wandering around any one of Newcastle's world-class beaches taking photographs, jumping in the ocean, drinking a coffee, and generally just being grateful to live in such an amazing place.

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Chris Collacott

Chris Collacott is an award-winning master panoramic landscape photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Specializing in ultra-high-resolution images of cityscapes and wilderness landscapes, Chris is an expert in the VAST technique of stitching together hundreds of high-resolution photographs to form single images that contain incredible levels of depth and beauty.

Over the past five years, Chris’s work has earned him more than 50 international awards, including the prestigious Master in Fine Art credential from Master Photographers International.

Chris’s fine art prints are featured prominently in private collections, homes, and offices around the globe. In addition to fine art prints, his photography has been used for large-scale applications in airports and on buses, magazine covers, and other corporate installations. Some of his many clients include Mercedes Benz, Vancouver Tourism, BC Hydro, and Destination British Columbia.

Chris has also participated as a judge for the renowned Epson International Panoramic Awards and regularly teaches advanced photographic workshops around the world.

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Beli (Pascale Delévaux) creates contemporary photographic art that explores the boundaries between the perceptions of realities merging with dreams. Sometimes minimalist, abstract, surrealist, or contemplative, like a representation of sound poetry.

She sees photography as a tool to reveal the beauty of the world and the fragility of the moment and creates a new way of painting with light and digital processing. Dream spaces and colorful breaths that invite you to enter your own territories.

Beli is a visual artist and photographer based in Brussels, Belgium.
Swiss-born, from Lausanne.

Education: MA with high honors from ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium

Her work was nominated for Louis Schmidt Prize in Brussels in 2016, for the 10th Visual Arts Competition in Divonne-les-Bains in France in 2004, and at the International Color Photography Awards in Los Angeles in 2015, 2016, 2017.
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Elias Arias

I'm Elias "Golden Boi" Arias, a photographer and UX designer based in Santiago, Chile. I like to travel around the world and visiting the most amazing places in each country, I'm glad to be here sharing my experience with you, hope you like it, cheers!
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Harry Sinclair

Harry Sinclair is a self-taught travel and lifestyle photographer from the UK. After growing up a stone's throw from London it wasn’t until he picked up a camera that he truly appreciated the city. He began photographing London before venturing further around the world whilst working with some great companies along the way. He has seen his work published in Digital Photo Magazine, Metro Newspaper, The Huffington Post and more. Harry strives to inspire and encourage more people to explore the beauty of the planet we live on and learn more about the different cultures around the world
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Reed Knauth

Reed Knauth is a trained watercolor fine artist, textile designer and graphic designer and founder of Rosebud Studios - a haven for bohemian inspired original artworks, prints and home decor goods. She has been creating art from a very young age and has a dual degree in Graphic Design + Fine Art. 
When creating, Reed works best in an intuitive method of painting that evokes a certain amount of energy, movement and delight. She does this mainly through the use of eccentric and vibrant color palettes, gestural marks, complicated patterns and various texture applications. As a textile designer she looks heavily to radical trends in fashion design and the natural patterns in nature to inspire much of her content. Her focus stays with natural, organic, fluid elements that have the ability to warp and evolve. Her newest landscape and floral collections practice Japanese aesthetics and explore the principles of negative space - leaving the work slightly unfinished, thus inviting the viewer into the painting to actively complete it. 

She currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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Angus Chan

Angus is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He started doing photography roughly 2 years ago with a compact camera. However, he didn't turn it into a passion until the first time he saw a photo taken from a drone. As a kid, Angus always had a close connection with the ocean, the feeling of seeing the big blue sea just makes him feel relaxed, and this is how he would like to convey his works to other people. Drone photography opens up a whole new perspective to many of us, it has no boundaries up the air and allows us to see our world in a completely different form.
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I’m a self-taught artist based in Istanbul. My art journey started at an early age with realistic portraits, and I began to learn the rules by myself. Now, I try to break them like a pro.

The art I create depends on my mood and my energy. I love to express emotions with lines and shapes, and do not advocate a particular style. 

A paragraph in a book, a trip, a relationship, or even a glance can inspire me. And, I turn these inspirations into stories that I can tell you with lines and shapes.

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Hayley Franklin

hayleyfrankart is a Melbourne Australia based graphic designer and artist. Working mainly in the digital art space she loves to create minimalist, bold and colourful line drawings and graphic art.
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Mert Atakan

Mert Atakan is a photographer and visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. 2009 was the year that he first had his hands on a camera but it wasn’t until years later he started taking photos on a regular basis which started off as a hobby to escape the daily struggles of life, it then quickly became his go-to activity in his free time. He always shoots and collects components to create a dramatic feeling in his work as he thinks an image is more than just another cork that feeds the loop habit of the devil machines called social media. To him, it is paramount to stop the viewers and make them see and hear what the image is trying to deliver.
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Vitor Esteves

Vitor Esteves shows mastery of aerial photography, capturing the diversity of cultures, people, and flavours in remote locations. With a deep, earthy colour palette and a focus on dramatic shapes and lines, his photographs have a unique aesthetic. Esteves’ compositions reveal themselves slowly and require the same dedication from the viewer as from the photographer.
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Marin Vaan Zaal

Marin Vaan Zaal is an American Visual Artist based in Boston. Focusing on contemporary minimalism, modern styles that evoke the mid-century, and the intersection of colour and texture relationships, Marin aims to channel light and form into unique compositions. 
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Dan Hobday

Currently based in the heart of Devon, England, Dan works from his home studio. He has a passion for minimal, contemporary art. Working in inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media his diverse style spans many subjects.

"I like to explore different surfaces and mediums so my work is always evolving.

Abstract art for me is a real passion as it allows me to break the rules of traditional painting and combine whatever I feel necessary to produce work that makes people stop and gaze."

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