Flowers and Nature in Urban Photography Prints by Siobhan O’Dwyer

Siobhan O’Dwyer is an American digital artist whose work has been featured in Vogue Poland, Anthropologie, and Free People to name a few. She has sunny and positive aesthetics, which focus on nature and flowers, mixing California nostalgia with the freedom of New York City. Inspired by the world around her, O’Dwyer edits her works in detail and transforms them into vibrant stories. The artist is very intuitive and uses her memories, mood, and creativity to transpose urban life into bright and optimistic works of art.

Siobhan O’Dwyer infuses her artworks with emotions and shares them with the world in the form of t-shirts, book covers, and stationery sets. And now — colorful fine art prints, available on MINUS ART.


How would you describe your aesthetic, and when did you realize you’d found it?

I would describe my aesthetic as a sunny feeling of freedom and beautiful chaos. I discovered it when I first moved to New York City and continued with it based on my love for nature, flowers, and bright colors. Nostalgia sort of inspired me to focus on this style, and as it gained traction, I created more and never stopped!


How do you develop a creative idea? Do you plan out your creative process or go with the flow?

My method is a mix between the two. I usually have a vision of how I want something to look before I sit down and even begin — it’s a challenge for me to create what I am envisioning as an artist. There are other days where I will re-discover a photo that I love, and sit down and begin creating and editing without a specific vision in mind and see how it comes out! I think both methods are important and are a part of my creative inspiration.


What is a favorite piece or project of yours, and why?

Oh, this is always so hard! I feel like so much of my art involves emotions; so many of my pieces are tied to memories or experiences I am going through. I often see a piece of mine and love it, but not necessarily for just the image itself, but the memories it is tied to. I cannot choose one specific project of mine that I love the most — I’ve created high-top sneakers with my designs, motivational, sustainable t-shirts with my artwork designs, beautiful stationery sets and planners, and some projects coming out soon that I cannot speak to just yet :)

I can tell you that my NYC city-scape pieces are probably some of my favorites ever — they are the most challenging and involve SO much fine detail it gets intense.


What have been the most rewarding and most challenging parts of your artistic journey thus far?

I was just discussing this question recently with a friend of mine — there is a feeling I get when I capture a mood or feeling in a photograph before even editing it, and of course the rewarding/ satisfied feeling I get when I create new artwork. The most challenging for sure is the pressure — I often ask myself how can I create something cooler because it’s as much a tiring process as it is rewarding. I surprise myself sometimes and it’s an amazing feeling.

I strongly feel every artist needs breaks every so often to get inspired and recharge — creative thinking is so different from analytical and involves so much depth.


What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on creating my shop! I will be offering more products with my designs on them which is super exciting. I started taking others’ photos and custom editing them, which has been something that grew super quick and I am loving it. From a creative side, it challenges me, and I love giving back to those that have loved my art for a while, so this type of collaboration is truly something special. I have a few collaborations in the works, one specifically I cannot wait for! :)

Find Siobhan O’Dwyer’s range of fine art prints here.
Into written by Monica Radulescu